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K Machine: Audiovisual instrument on IOS.




  • Play in time with Ableton Link.


  • Audiobus instrument or receiver node.

  • Import/Export Audio and shaders files with AudioShare.
Audiobuss Audiobuss
  • Import audio samples with Audiopaste
  • Browse and buy new audio samples with the Audiostore


A multifunctional tool

    The K Machine can be used in different ways:
  • As a VJing tool, using an audio input through mic or any other Audiobus compatible App.
  • As a sound creation tool, with the default empty shader so you won't be distracted by any visual animation.
  • Or in its full potential for true audiovisual composition.

Import your sound

  • K Machine accepts WAV and AIFF formats, 16 bits, 44100 Hz
  • Import from iTunes File sharing, Audioshare, Audiopaste or "Open in..." from any app with Export functionality.

Import your visuals

  • The initial version of K Machine comes with more than 30 default vertex shaders, and 4 commented shader examples.
  • No limitation ! Import your own visuals, with the "Open in.." feature, use any external code editor App with Export functionality to create your own vertex shaders files.
  • Shaders format is 100% compatible with shaders from
  • A simple line of code allows the creation of up to 8 parameter controllers for each vertex shader.

A flexible tool

  • Each loop can have its own BPM.
  • Each loop can have its own number of beats.
  • Events can be splitted in 1/3, 1/5 1/7 or 1/11 !

Capture videos on the fly

Simple click on the 'video capture' button starts live video recording of your ongoing session with zero drop in performance.
Resulting video is automatically recorded in your photo album and can be shared on Facebook, EveryPlay, Youtube...

Project on second screen with invisible UI

Connect your device with HDMI or VGA adapter to display only the visual part of the ongoing animation. Perfect for live session !

Universal app

Buy once and use on your IPad and Iphone devices.

Use with other apps

New features arrive quickly, take advantage of the current price !


Last new features:

v 2.7 (Nov 2017)
  • Audiobus-SDK-3.0.3 update.
  • Audiobus: can be used as a filter. The filter only passthrough the input sound, but is useful to add the K Machine as a filter in AUM.
  • Audiobus trigger: start/stop and rewind.
  • Audiobus Remote integration: K Machine can now be control from the Audiobus remote app, with start/stop playing sequential, start/stop playing record, mute control for each track.
  • Smooth project loading and saving.
  • 4 New sound effects available for each track: gate, delay, limiter, clipper.
  • Auto fade in/out to avoid previous sound glitch on tempo change when selected loop change.
  • New buffer type: raw sound data, accessible in glsl through ‘soundBuffer’ texture uniform parameter.
  • User settings: configurable vertices number up to 1 million points: 3 possible values: 65536, 262144 and 1048576 (These are the maximum particles/vertices number, used when not 'KVerticesNumber' set in the glsl code).
  • User settings configurable frequencies buffer width for better precision on frequencies datas.
  • User settings configurable size for raw sound data buffer: 3 possible sizes ( of device MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE).
  • User settings : new transition open GL rendering mode available, "Points" for smoother transition when using large number of vertices.
  • New 'loopProgress' glsl uniform parameter, with value 0. (loop start) to 1.(loop end).
  • 25 new vertex shaders files, grouped in the ‘SHADERS_Default_V2_7’ directory.
  • 2 new Example shaders files: one for ‘loopProgress’ parameter, and one for ‘soundBuffer’ parameter.
  • Hard reset feature.
  • Audio and visual engines optimizations.
  • Many bug fixes (Audiobus port visibility, open in in IOS 11...).
v 2.61 (Sept 2017)
  • Ableton link
  • New 'Tempo bypass' controller in the main audio track panel. When on, the loop specific tempo is not applied on entering loop (useful when using AB Link and don't want the tempo to be changed by K Machine on each loop selection)
  • Input level moved from 'user setting' panel to the 'main audio' controllers panel, now a project global controller.
  • Zip export:
    • any shaders or sounds samples folder can be exported as zipped file.
    • any project can be export as zipped file, containing the main project and all it's dependencies (audio samples and shaders files).
  • Zip import:
    • any zipped folder of shader or audio samples can be export as a zipped file.
    • any zipped project can be imported. The main project file and all it's dependencies will be automatically installed.
  • "Open in..." feature.
    • any .glsl (shader file), .wav or .aiff, and .zip file can be opened by the K Machine.
    • From the K Machine, any .wav/aiff or .glsl file can be opened in any app integrating the 'Open in' feature for this kind of file. For example, .glsl shaders file can be opened in text editor for code edition.
  • Audioshare can be used for shader file importation.
  • Link to video tutorials Youtube channel added in the Infos section.
  • Link to the K Machine Forum added to the Infos section.
  • Randomization button added to the sequencer tools panel.
  • Loop selection tools enhanced.
  • Overall stability greatly enhanced.
  • Split tool automatically turns off after event split.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Simplified code for adding controllers in glsl files (no more need to assign a specific number to each controller).
  • Lots a smaller bugs fixed.
  • 6 new visual shaders.
  • 4 glsl examples shaders.
v 2.04(June 2017)
  • Start/Stop animation button.
  • Audiopaste: samples are copied in the selected directory.
  • Audiostore.
  • Select a portion of a loop for more precise edition. (controllers changes only apply to the selected portion of the loop).
  • 'Transition duration' controller on the visual track allow to modulate shaders transition from 0 to 1000 ms.
  • Name of the parameters set in the shader file code appear automatically in the controllers labels.
  • Users settings, option to load last saved file on startup.
  • Fixed bug that was randomly and occasionally crash the application.
  • Fixed bug creating imprecision on parameter controllers fine settings.
  • Fixed bug creating imprecision on background color parameter controller.
  • Fixed bug when loading shader files from window.
  • Fixed sound glitches on track opening.
  • Overall stability and speed improvements.
v 2.00(May 2016)
  • Automation - sync parameter changes to the timeline.
  • Audiobus 2.3.1 added, one receiver port, one sender port.
  • Samples import with AudioShare.
  • Shader/Audio files/animations files import through the ITune File Sharing folder of the App.
  • Projects can be saved/open in .kol format.
  • Live video capture through EveryPlay.
    Captured videos are automatically saved to the photo album, and can also be shared on Youtube or EveryPlay.
  • 3 Audio Samples Tracks, each with:
    • Up to 8 players, supporting wav or aiff 44100 Hz files.
    • Controllers for:
      • Tempo
      • Tempo Factor
      • Pitch
      • 3 parameters Flanger
      • 4 parameters Reverb
      • Filter Resonant LowPass
      • Filter Resonant HiPass
      • Filter LowShelf
      • Filter HighShelf
      • Filter Parameteric
  • Main Audio track, with:
    • Tempo BPM, Beats per loop (loop parameters).
    • Global Volume as an animation parameters.
    • 3 band Equalizer as an animation parameters.
    • Visual track, with:
      • Background color parameter.
      • Up to 8 loaded glsl shaders.
      • Up to 8 shaders parameters exposed from the glsl code.
  • Loop edition tools:
    • Unlimited number of loops
    • Clone current loop to end of the animation
    • Delete current loop
    • Copy/Paste current loop
  • Play/Record tools:
    • Play animation sequencially
    • User action recorder save the actions to the project.
    • Start/Stop live video capture
    • Captured video is automatically saved in photo album.
    • Possibility to share on Everyplay.
    • 2 action modes added: change first event, no change.

And much more to come !

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